Inconsistent reaction times?

Is it you or the car?

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Rollout Time Consistency

Are the tire sidewalls worn out? 

Dead Time Consistency

Is the transmission consistent? 

Delay Time Consistency

Is the delay box accurate?

Boost Confidence to tighten reaction time groupings

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Patent Pending

Currently patent pending the Rollout Logger underwent three years of engineering research and development with two years of testing on our own bracket cars which resulted in a novel product where precision matters.

See us in the pits!

Stop by and see us in the pits. Precision Reaction was built by racers to serve racers. Stop by the trailer. Bracket racing in the northeast in PA/NJ/MD areas.

Customer Reviews

Our Rollout Loggers are loved by our customers because they are accurate and simple to use without disrupting the race routine giving them the data they need when they need it.


“Nightfire Nationals at Firebird Raceway, first time using it and after coming from Woodburn the weekend before. I setup my delay box and go make a time run. I am .00x, then first round I am .034 and get lucky. Second round I’m .034 and get lucky again. I am making comments that I can’t hardly believe that my reaction time is off that much. Normally I would say well I timed the tree on the time hit and roll some out in this scenario going to round three. Then I was like oh s*** I have that logger, lets see what it says. .251, .251, .253, so now I have proven its not the car, its not the track, it’s me! The rest of the day I am deadly on the tree .00x because I have confidence and made myself get up on the wheel. Without this I am rolling some out and without a doubt would be Red third round.”  – Tim Wurtz