Warranty and Disclaimer

Precision Reaction, LLC warrants the products it manufactures against defects in materials and workmanship for a limited period of time of one (1) year from the date of purchase, provided the products have been stored, handled, installed, and used under proper conditions. Our liability under this limited warranty shall extend solely to the repair or replacement of a defective product, at the discretion of Precision Reaction, LLC.

Precision Reaction, LLC disclaims any and all liability for any affirmation, promise, or representation regarding the products, except those expressly stated in this warranty. The customer agrees to hold Precision Reaction, LLC harmless from, defend, and indemnify Precision Reaction, LLC against any damages, claims, and expenses arising from subsequent sales or use of our products, or products containing components manufactured by Precision Reaction, LLC, including but not limited to personal injuries, property damage, lost profits, and any other matters for which the customer or its employees or subcontractors may be held liable, including penalties imposed by relevant consumer protection acts.

No warranties, expressed or implied, are created with respect to our products, except those explicitly stated in this warranty. The customer acknowledges and agrees to the disclaimers and limitations contained herein and relies on no other warranties or affirmations.

Any warranty claims must be notified to Precision Reaction, LLC within thirty (30) days of discovering the defect, but not later than the warranty period specified. Claims made after this period will be deemed waived. No allowance will be granted for any repairs or alterations made by the customer without prior written consent from Precision Reaction, LLC.

This warranty shall not apply to any products or parts thereof that have been repaired or altered without Precision Reaction, LLC’s written consent, or have been subjected to misuse, negligence, accidents, or have not been operated in accordance with Precision Reaction, LLC’s printed instructions. Additionally, this warranty shall not cover damages resulting from conditions exceeding normal use or any other actions that, in the judgment of Precision Reaction, LLC, adversely affect the stability or reliability of the product.

Precision Reaction, LLC shall not be liable for any injuries, including death, or damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or special, arising from the use or misuse of our products. Any such incurred injury or damage shall be limited to the original purchase price of the product.

No person, firm, or corporation is authorized to assume any other liability on behalf of Precision Reaction, LLC in connection with the sale of these goods.

By purchasing and using our products, the customer acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this warranty.

Precision Reaction, LLC